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Preservation of High Glycolytic Phenotype

Oligonucleotide microarray data for the manuscript titled "Preservation of high glycolytic phenotype by establishing new acute lymphoblastic leukemia cell lines at physiologic oxygen concentration" by Sheard MA et al.

In the links shown below, the file names reflect two samplings evaluated for each cell line pair that was established in "standard" culture conditions using room air (number with no suffix) and in 5% O2 (bone marrow level hypoxia), cell line name with "h" suffix. . For example, the cell line pair consisting of 317 and 317h cells was sampled at passages 6 and 10 (317p6, 317hp6, and 317p10, 317hp10, respectively).

Right-click on the links below and choose "Save Link As..." to save the file to your computer.

Preservation og High Glycolytic Phenotype TaqMan RT-PCR primers and probes used in the study:Inhibition of Histone Deacetylase (HDAC) 1, a Drug Target Identified by Expression Profiling, Sensitizes Multi-Drug-Resistant Neuroblastoma Cell Lines to Cytotoxic Agents TaqMan RT-PCR Primer/Probe Sets Used for Study of Sphingosine Kinase PCR primers and probes used in the study:PCR primers and probes used in the study: TaqMan RT-PCR primers and probes