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STR + Mycoplasma Testing

Now Accepting Samples!

The TXCCR is now accepting samples for STR cell line and PDX DNA authentication as well as cell line mycoplasma bacteria screenings. Submissions are limited to material that has been provided either through CCcells.org and/or TXCCR.org. Please see below for testing details and to fill out the submission form. For any questions or concerns please contact us.

Basic STR DNA authentication is $30.00 per sample and includes:

  • STR Testing - DNA extraction, quantification, amplification and fragment separation. STR profile determination (9 STR loci, 1 gender locus)
  • Data analysis - Comparison of profile to another sample or an archived database entry.
  • Report - Email notification to contributor of match/no match. Comments regarding allele drop-out, drop-in, and peak imbalance, upon request. Certificate of Analysis that includes STR profile and comparison result upon request.

Result reporting within 3-5 weeks of sample receipt (may take up to 8 weeks depending on sample backlog). All sample(s) submitted will be consumed during testing.

Basic Mycoplasma supernatant assay is $15.00 per sample and includes:

  • Testing - Rapid screening of cell supernatant to detect up to 44 mollicute species of mycoplasma.
  • Reporting - Email notification of positive or negative result in relation to controls. Intended for general routine testing and no official of certification of analysis will be provided.

Result reporting within 1-2 weeks of sample receipt. All sample(s) submitted will be consumed during testing.

Submission Guidelines

STEP 1 Fill out submission form (below) to initiate a quote.

STEP 2 After receiving quote, generate a Purchase Order (PO)

STEP 3 Send copy of PO to us through our Contact Us page

STEP 4 Prepare samples for sending to the following criteria (address is listed on Quote where to send):


  • Cell lines: 1 million cells (minimum), dry pellet, single source, in 1.5 mL tube. Ship on dry ice priority overnight.
  • Solid tissue: 20-50mg, or larger, piece in 1.5 mL tube - snap freeze in liquid. Ship on dry ice priority overnight.
  • Blood or cheek samples: 1 sterile cotton swab, saturated, air dried. Ship at ambient temperature.
  • FFPE tissue: call (806) 743-2675 for instructions.


  • Cell Lines (only): 1mL of supernatant (no cells) in a 1.5mL tube of which the sample has been incubating in for at least 7 days or more. Ship priority overnight with ice packs

STEP 5 Sample results will be sent via Email to the customer

STEP 6 Invoicing will be released and payment will be due within 30 days of receipt

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